School board to discuss number of items

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Jul. 9—The Woodward Board of Education meeting is scheduled for Monday July 11th at 6 p.m. in the administration building.

Board members will reorganize, electing a new president and vice president.

Items on the consent agenda to be approved with one motion unless a board member would like to speak and decide on it separately are as follows: — Financial reports for June 2022 — Treasurer's Report for June 2022 — Budget revisions for June 2022 — Expenditures and financial statement of Woodward Public Schools Activity Fund for June 2022 — K & T Concessions Contract for 2022-2023 — Hawkins Certified Teacher Recruitment Stipends for July 2022 — Woodward Public Schools Meal Charge Policy for 2022-2023 — District's Quarterly Open Transfer Capacity — Sanctioning of the Boomer Dance Team Moms Parent Organization/ Booster Club — Educational Services at Northwest Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center for 2022-2023

Action Topics are: — FY 2022 Temporary Budget for the Temporary Appropriation for General Fund, Coop Fund, Building Fund and Building Bond Fund — Cash Fund Estimate of Needs and Request for Appropriation for the Building Bond Fund (33) — Financial Reports for FY 2023 — Food items and supplies from Ben E. Keith for Child Nutrition Program — Bread from Earthgrains for the Child Nutrition Program — Milk and juice from Hiland Dairy for the Child Nutrition Program — Handbooks for Elementary, Middle and High School and Transportation. — Board of Education Special Election Resolution