School board member questions charity CEO’s comments about Patriot Mobile PAC candidates

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Amanda McCoy/

A Grapevine-Colleyville school board member is calling out the CEO of the charity Grace Grapevine over a post from a private Facebook group in which she expressed concerns about the upcoming school board election.

Board member Tammy Nakamura, who was elected last year, criticized CEO Shonda Schaefer, who wrote that she was concerned about the future of the school district if candidates supported by the Patriot Mobile Action PAC are elected.

Nakamura said in her post in the GCISD Parents Open Forum Facebook group: “What a tremendous disappointment to see Shonda Schaefer go full woke and compromise the mission of Grace by posting on Facebook and attacking area businesses that have also given back to our community with their own profits. Shonda has lead GRACE for many years and it has been very good to her.”

Grace provides services in the Grapevine area, including a food pantry and housing assistance.

Nakamura also wrote in her post asking what Patriot Mobile’s crime is: “Is it the fact that they’re an unapologetically Christian-based company that has used their own profits to support candidates for public office that want to reform our schools by ridding our curriculums of divisive race and so-called gender fluidity politics while restoring fiscal sanity after years of gross mismanagement?”

Nakamura did not return a message and phone call seeking comment.

Schaefer told the Star-Telegram in an interview that she was posting as a mom and as a concerned citizen, and that she was expressing her opinions and not those of Grace, which doesn’t engage in politics.

Schaefer said she was aware that her comments would likely generate pushback. Schaefer said she was concerned about how school board elections have become partisan, and that in her social media post, she was writing tongue-in-cheek that her political party is ABPM — Anyone but Patriot Mobile.

“I rarely speak up in public,” Schaefer said. “I’m terrified of what’s happening. I’m terrified by what I’ve seen at the school board level.”


Schaefer said that while she was praying, a “light” came on and that she launched a 24-hour donation push on social media called 24 Hours of Grace.

“People can’t be mad seeing hungry children getting fed or victims of domestic violence getting help,” she said.

People also contributed to Grace in Nakamura’s name, and she will receive thank you letters, Schaefer said.

But Nakamura wrote that she was a past chair of fundraisers and galas for Grace and she is now giving elsewhere.

“My husband and I have given many dollars and much time in support of GRACE over the years, as we do with many charities in the area. Many of us will now dedicate our time and monies to another worthy cause.”

Schaefer said Grace is working on projects that include looking to expand the nonprofit’s housing program.

“I’ve never been canceled before. I don’t know how that works,” Schaefer said.