School Leaders Spend 10 Hours Traveling To Salute Area Seniors

Kristin Danley-Greiner

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MD — When the coronavirus pandemic swept across the country, everyone's lives were turned upside down. Many high school seniors found themselves without a prom, senior trip and graduation, milestones that they had been robbed of because of the virus.

Knowing that Rockbridge Academy's seniors were hurting with the loss of their final year in school, headmaster Roy Griffith decided that since the kids couldn't come to the school, he would go to them. Griffith and upper school principal Jerry Keehner spent 10 hours in the car on a Saturday driving all over to hand deliver 30 individual custom-made congratulations signs to each senior's home. The leaders followed social distancing guidelines and brightened each senior's day.

"This was a thoroughly enjoyable day. It took all day, but it didn't feel like it. To get to see each family, to visit for just a few moments, to hear how they're doing, and to express how much they mean to us was worth every minute. I feel blessed to have had that opportunity," Keehner told Patch.

At each student's home, Griffith and Keehner shared a Bible verse, a passage from the New Testament about shared faith, fellowship and lives. Even though everyone stayed six feet apart during the brief visits, the memory will last forever.

Rockbridge Academy opened in 1995 as a classical Christian school located in the historic Baltimore-Annapolis-Washington, D.C., triangle.

This article originally appeared on the Annapolis Patch