School officials on alert regarding TikTok video

·1 min read

Dec. 16—HAVERHILL — School officials say they are aware of a nationwide TikTok posting that claims there will be a school shooting "Friday," without mention of a location or other specifics. As a result, they said they plan to have an additional police presence at Haverhill's public schools.

School Superintendent Margaret Marotta said she notified families Thursday afternoon that these videos are currently circulating in Haverhill and across the country. She also posted her message on the school department's website.

"The (TikTok) postings contain no detail about the state, school or time," she said. "Please know that the safety and security of our schools are our priority."

Marotta said she contacted Haverhill police.

"While these postings are determined to be a non-credible threat, HPD will continue to monitor the situation and provide a police presence in our schools tomorrow (Friday)," she said. "We are thankful to our police for their continued support and partnership."

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