School report card: Clark-Shawnee scores highest on year-over-year progress

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Sep. 22—Clark-Shawnee Local Schools received the highest rating on progress on the state report card.

Ohio K-12 schools did not receive an overall grade for 2021-22, but they did receive ratings on individual components of the report card. The Ohio legislature also changed the previous system of A-F grades to a 1-5 stars system.

Schools were still evaluated on how well their students did on state tests, reading proficiency in kindergarten through third grade, graduation rates, how students are progressing year over year, how well schools are able to close gaps between student subgroups, and how ready a student is to enter the workforce, college or the military after graduation. The new equation puts increased weight on year-over-year progress and gap closing.

On the new 1-5 star system, Clark-Shawnee was the only district in Clark County to get the highest 5-star rating on year-over-year progress.

Superintendent Brian Kuhn said he is pleased with the report card.

"The report card data shows that the efforts of our teachers paid off. Clark-Shawnee was the only school district in Clark County to receive a 5-star rating in the progress component of the report card. This metric shows that our students demonstrated more academic growth in a single school year than the state would have anticipated," he said.

"This is a direct reflection of our excellent teaching staff and the dedication of our students and families to education. Our district remains steadfast in its commitment to support the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of our students."

Clark-Shawnee also had a 5-star rating for gap closing, with a 4 in graduation rate, 3 in achievement and 2 in early literacy.

"The pandemic posed challenges for our students, teachers, and families. Our teachers implemented instructional strategies last year to help close learning gaps and increase student achievement," he said.

The district's performance index, which measures state test performance, rose 16.8 points in this year's report card and is the sixth-largest increase in the state. The district had a rate of 78.5% and the only positive growth index in the county, which is an increase from last year's 56.2%. As far as gap closing, the district had a rate of 62.8%.

According to ODE data, of Ohio's 607 graded school districts, 581 saw their Performance Index rise in 2021-22, and only 26 saw a decline. That's because scores dropped in 2020-21 due largely to COVID disruptions, then they bounced back some in 21-22.

When it comes to graduation rate, Clark-Shawnee had an overall rate of 95.2%. The four-year rate decreased this year at 94.1% compared to last year's 95.4%.

Last year, school report cards did not include letter grades for all individual metrics and only listed some of the raw data including academic, graduation and attendance measures.