These school students in Indonesia pay their tuition fees in plastic waste

In Batu Gadang Village, Padang city, one school is managing waste by accepting tuition fees in the form of plastic trash. White Coral Pearl Kindergarten's initiative was established by a woman named Asri Astianingsih in 2007. Astianingsih said: "In addition to plastic waste management efforts, the payment system for school fees with plastic waste also helps students who are often late paying school fees." Payment with rubbish is deposited to the school every month, where the school will organise the waste - food and drink bottles or household rubbish. "Currently, there are 60 students in the school who deposit plastic waste to us," explained Astianingsih. She continued: "We process the plastic garbage by sewing the items into a number of knick-knacks - bags, pouches, napkins, mats, and others - that are sold to shops or ordered directly from us. It also indirectly opens up employment opportunities for people. "Plastic waste that will not be destroyed must be handled properly in innovative ways so that people are aware of the dangers of plastic waste to the earth." Footage inside this unique school was recorded on July 13.