Which schools in Poudre School District have air conditioning, and which do not

(Editor's note: This story was updated Sept. 28, 2023, with additional information provided in a building-by-building assessments of cooling systems at Poudre School District schools).

As concerns about overheated classrooms in and around Fort Collins increase, questions have arisen about which Poudre School District schools do and do not have air conditioning.

Here’s a breakdown:

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Schools with air conditioning

(Mechanical cooling system in majority of school, except as noted)

  • Bacon Elementary

  • Bamford Elementary

  • Bennett Elementary

  • Blevins Middle School

  • Dunn Elementary

  • Eyestone Elementary (south campus)

  • Fort Collins High School (not working while awaiting repairs)

  • Fossil Ridge High School

  • Kinard Middle School

  • Lincoln Middle School

  • O’Dea (50% of school)

  • PSD Global Academy

  • Poudre High School

  • Rocky Mountain High School

  • Timnath Middle High School

  • Wellington Middle High School

  • Zach Elementary

Schools with indirect evaporative cooling

(system covers majority of school)

  • Bauder Elementary

  • Beattie Elementary

  • Bethke Elementary

  • Boltz Middle School

  • Eyestone Elementary (north campus)

  • Irish Elementary

  • Johnson Elementary

  • Kruse Elementary

  • Laurel Elementary

  • Linton Elementary

  • Lopez Elementary

  • McGraw Elementary

  • Olander Elementary

  • Preston Middle School

  • Rice Elementary

  • Riffenburgh Elementary

  • Shepardson Elementary

  • Tavelli Elementary

  • Traut Elementary

  • Werner Elementary

Schools with no cooling system

(no AC or evaporative cooling in majority of school)

  • Cache la Poudre Elementary

  • Cache la Poudre Middle School

  • Centennial High School

  • Harris Elementary School

  • Lesher Middle School

  • Livermore Elementary School

  • Polaris Expeditionary Learning

  • Poudre Community Academy

  • Putnam Elementary (60% no cooling)

  • Red Feather Elementary

  • Stove Prairie Elementary

  • Timnath Elementary

  • Webber Middle School

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