Schools Ramp Up COVID-19 Testing Around April Vacation As Case Numbers Climb

U.S Representative Jake Auchincloss toured Medfield High School Thursday, as positive cases in Massachusetts schools creep up. WBZ-TV's Christina Hager reports.

Video Transcript

- Should learn tonight how many COVID cases were in schools last week, and that will include the first few days of full time in-person learning for elementary schools. But as WBC's Christina Hager explains, some districts are already looking ahead to April vacation.

CHRISTINA HAGER: A year ago, what a strange sight this would have been.

JEFFREY MARSDEN: Five circles in each nostril, and they're done. So they know the drill.

CHRISTINA HAGER: Students in the high school hallways swabbing their noses.

MATTHEW MCKNIGHT: The idea is that all the kids take a self swab, and they put it into one tube. And so that tube is that classroom. And so we test the tube, and you get an answer for that group of students.

CHRISTINA HAGER: This is Massachusett's school COVID-19 testing program upclose. US representative Jake Auchincloss touring Medfield High as positive cases in Massachusetts schools creep up, in the last five weeks jumping more than 2 and 1/2 times, up by 458 students and 101 staff members.

BRITTANY HARDIMAN: We have almost 80% of our classes and staff participate, and we have yet to find a positive student in our pool testing.

CHRISTINA HAGER: Medfield numbers have improved, but there's concern around April vacation and students returning after travel with variants spreading across the country.

JEFFREY MARSDEN: We're looking at doing multiple tests that week so that we're going to test right when students come back on that Monday, but looking at doing an additional test on Thursday to see if we find it.

CHRISTINA HAGER: The same concern in Sudbury, which is offering drive-thru testing for K through eighth grade during April vacation. All this as schools start to fully reopen. Back here in Medfield, high schoolers return full time on Monday with an announcement from state officials expected any day now on when all high schools have to do the same. In Medfield, Christina Hager, WBC News.

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