Schools Urge Caution As Families Travel For April Vacation

Precautions in place at Logan Airport are giving travelers more confidence. WBZ-TV's Beth Germano reports.

Video Transcript

- A look at what it looked like today at Logan Airport. Tens of thousands of people packing the airport to get away for spring break, even though the country is still seeing a pretty high amount of COVID cases. WBZ's Beth Germano is live at the airport for us tonight. And, Beth, I know you spoke with travelers who are convinced that they can travel safely.

BETH GERMANO: Well, there's certainly more confidence among the travelers we spoke with because they've been vaccinated or family members have been vaccinated, and they feel they've made careful plans. But on a day in April when they were actually de-icing some of the planes, they were craving a chance to finally get away.

- 1000%. I need a change of everything.

BETH GERMANO: As if the pandemic wasn't enough for traveling families, try this day in mid-April, as they arrive in the driving rain with some flights delayed.

HALLE NEEB: Wonderful. It'll be great to have the sun and relax.

BETH GERMANO: Especially when locations like Arizona and Hilton Head are in your sights. And many haven't been on a plane in over a year. This mom and her six-year-old son Edward are excited to see family in Los Angeles, but still a little anxious.

- Precautions need to be taken and we hope that, you know, as we move about in a place that's not our own home that we feel safe enough to do some things, but probably not all things.

BETH GERMANO: Caution is what many school districts are urging traveling families. Westford among those sending a letter home with a reminder about travel advisories, especially with the spread of the UK variant.

EVERETT OLSEN: The rate of for transmission of it. The relative strength of it compared to the original strain of COVID-19.

- All I need is actually your driver's license today.

BETH GERMANO: Logan is among airports using a touchless ID system at security checkpoints. No more handing over a boarding pass to TSA agents. A license or passport scan will do it. Precautions like these giving travelers more confidence.

CHRIS CRONIN: We're as protected as we can be, and the planes are gonna be protected as they can be. So I feel like it's a good decision.

- [INAUDIBLE] for takeoff.

- Clear for takeoff. This is JetBlue 697. Thanks.

BETH GERMANO: And while this time last year Logan saw some 5,000 travelers a day, this year it's up to 32,000 with more pent up demand.

ABIGAIL CRONIN: Exciting. I've been just cooped up in the house for too long right now. So just excited to get out.

BETH GERMANO: And many travelers we spoke with say they will get tested before returning, as the state requires. And many school districts plan to ramp up testing after the break as a precaution. Reporting live from Logan Airport, I'm Beth Germano, WBZ News.

- All right, Beth, thank you. We have--