Schumer: 'The long, dark night in America is over'

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer celebrated Democrat Joe Biden's White House win Saturday, telling a crowd in New York City, it's time for America to "forget" Donald Trump and move on. (Nov. 7)

Video Transcript

CHUCK SCHUMER: Well, the long dark night in America is over, and a new dawn is coming. And I want to thank all of the millions of Americans who voted. I want to thank the millions who were volunteers and poll watchers and small dollar donors. We did not give up on America. Donald Trump so blemished our democracy, so tried to destroy our democracy. But as the election showed, the American people never lost faith. And now, Donald Trump can go home to Florida. Our nation-- so I say to Donald Trump, you lost.

No more games. Go home. Go home to Florida. Stop delaying. Stop making up lies about the election. It was fair. There have been no irregularities found. You lost. You lost fair and square, and America now must forget you and move on, and do the kinds of things, that big bold action, this country needs to get ourselves back on our feet.

Joe Biden won the election fair and square. But now the hard work begins. We all must roll up our sleeves and help America, help the working families of America, with the so many problems that confront us.

But today is a day that restores your faith. It restores your faith in the American people. It restores your faith in democracy. Thank God. Thank God, we will not have four more years of an autocratic, dishonest, and uncaring president named Donald Trump. Thank you, everybody.