Schumer Promises Bipartisanship if GOP Can ‘Shake Off the MAGA Wing’

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer promised Wednesday that Democrats would work across the aisle on legislation in the next congressional term so long as the GOP is not captured by Trump loyalists.

“I hope that yesterday’s vote is a signal that both parties can keep working together on difficult issues in the next Congress. If our Republican colleagues can shake off the MAGA wing of the of their party that is holding Republicans down, we can get a lot done,” Schumer said on the chamber floor. “And it’s obvious to everyone there are many Republican senators who don’t embrace MAGA. And we say to them, we want to keep working with you.”

The GOP shedding itself of MAGA influence “will go a long way to restoring people’s faith that Congress can work together and even disagree without being disagreeable,” Schumer added.

The Senate veteran’s remarks came just after 12 Republicans voted for the progressive Respect for Marriage Act, providing Democrats a majority to approve it. The bill would provide federal protections for same-sex marriages. Schumer, who retained his leadership role after Democrats won the Senate in the midterm elections, applauded GOP senators Susan Collins, Rob Portman, and Thom Tillis for departing from most of their colleagues to pass the bill.

Before the final vote, senators voted on three religious liberty amendments, one of which was adopted. The revised legislation ensures that nonprofit religious organizations won’t be forced to help facilitate same-sex marriage.

Religious entities “shall not be required to provide services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods, or privileges for the solemnization or celebration of a marriage,” according to the language. The bill also excludes polygamous marriage from protection, specifically stating that the union must be between “two” individuals.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who opposed the bill, tweeted Monday: “My chief objection to the legislation passed today in the Senate requiring recognition of same-sex marriage is the lackluster provisions in the bill protecting religious liberties. They are woefully inadequate to the task.”

GOP Senator Mike Lee’s amendment, which would have barred discrimination against individuals or institutions who act or speak in accordance with moral conviction or religious belief in the traditional definition of marriage, failed to pass.

“My amendment simply prohibits the Federal Government from retaliating against schools, businesses, and organizations because of their religious beliefs about same-sex marriage,” Lee tweeted.

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