Schumer: Put Capitol mob rioters on no-fly list

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is calling on the FBI to add anyone identified breaching the Capitol during last week's violent riot to be placed on the federal no-fly list. (Jan. 12)

Video Transcript

CHUCK SCHUMER: Ahead of the concern for possible future attacks, and with the law on our side, we are to say that these insurrectionists, many of whom are known to be at large, should not be able to hop on a flight. We are today-- we are here today because the folks-- the people, the insurrectionists-- who breached the US Capitol, fall under the definition of threats to the homeland and should be immediately added to the TSA No Fly List. Any of those who were inside the Capitol should not be able to fly and should be placed on the No Fly List. We are calling on the authorities-- FBI, TSA, Department of Homeland Security-- to put them on the No Fly List, immediately.