Sci-Fi Adventure Novel Sees Increased Popularity in 2021 Due to Its Excellent Storytelling and Elements of Real-Life Historical Sites

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Cristiana DiPietro combines the intrigue of an otherworldly connection with the moral weight of the seven deadly sins in her riveting Atlantis duology. Offering both adventure and an exploration of the human condition, DiPietro’s work is a fascinating blend of real-life philosophy and the mythology of the ancient world.

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In Atlantis: The Akashic Trials, Lee and her narcissistic ex, Austin, only have one thing in common—their passion for live-streaming the retrieval of stone skull artifacts from around the world. But when archeologist Luke and his research team ask them to broadcast what they believe to be the newly resurfaced remnants of Atlantis, Lee and Luke quickly realize that their connection to the island is anything but coincidental. Later, in Atlantis: The Awakening, Lee must unravel the mysteries of the stone skulls before her internet streaming hobby and the secrets of Atlantis collide in a cataclysm of global proportions.

While introducing Lee through flashbacks and periods of introspection, DiPietro incorporates themes of existentialism and embracing insecurities. The addition of true historical sites adds a unique flavor to the story and gives readers the opportunity to follow along with Lee by researching ancient history and anthropological concepts.

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Lee is like a modern-day female Indiana Jones, though her struggles with anxiety and self-agency throughout both novels give her greater depth and relatability than the easily invincible Indy. Although the Atlantis duology is perfect for younger adult women who enjoy adventure and horror, DiPietro’s work is sure to appeal to a wide variety of readers.

Reviewers describe DiPietro’s work as “masterful” and compare her writing style to Anne Rice and Terry Brooks. Midwest Book Review praises Atlantis: The Akashic Trials as “unfailingly entertaining” and “certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library General Fiction collections.”

When asked to comment on her acclaimed series and Lee’s Atlantean exploits, DiPietro simply stated, “Sometimes, it’s the things we think are holding us back that actually reveal and support our best selves. Understanding our collective human history is essential for the sake of our future.”

Cristiana DiPietro has a degree in Cultural Anthropology and works as a media producer in both film production and television development. DiPietro currently lives in West Linn, OR, and is writing her third book in the series. Visit her online at

Atlantis: The Akashic Trials and its sequel, Atlantis: The Awakening, are available for purchase on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

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