Scores killed in Afghan mosque attack

Scores of people were killed Friday after a suicide bomber attacked a mosque - used by the minority Shi'ite Muslim community - in Afghanistan's northeastern Kunduz province.

The death toll was not immediately clear. Local media said dozens were killed, while two health officials told Reuters it could be upwards of 80 people.

Witnesses were left shaken:

UNIDENTIFIED KUNDUZ RESIDENT: "Believe God, I can’t even talk anymore. I can’t tell you how many dead bodies I have moved in my vehicle. There was no ambulance. May God have mercy on all Muslims."

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the blast… which the UN mission in Afghanistan called part of a disturbing pattern.

Friday’s violence was the country’s third attack – this week - on a religious institution.

The attacks underscore security challenges facing the Taliban, which took over the country in August and have since carried out operations against Islamic State cells in Kabul.

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