Scorpio is the Zodiac sign known for 'intensity.' Learn about compatibility, dates, and more

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November is the month of the Scorpio. The sign's rein starts in the final days of October and covers just about all of the following month. Known as one of the more polarizing Zodiac signs, Scorpios are often misunderstood.

Luckily astrologer Narayana Montúfar, a Scorpio herself, is here to dispel some myths and talk about the complexity and depth of Scorpio placements.

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Come with us as we take you on a deep dive into Scorpio Sun signs, the 'intense' powers they have and how their traits might come out in friendships, romances and the work place. Montúfar is a Senior Astrologer for and the author of "Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power."

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When does Scorpio season start?

Scorpio season begins October 23 and lasts until November 21.

It is a true fall sign, followed by Sagittarius which straddles fall and winter seasons.

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Key personality traits of Scorpios

  • Intensity

  • Magnetism

  • Sexual and creative energy

  • Depth

  • Curiosity

Scorpios are marked by their intensity, Montúfar tells me. "The Scorpionic energy is really hard to master and the reason why is because Scorpio is not only ruled by one, but two planets," she says, and the most intense planets at that: Mars and Pluto.

Mars signifies the rulership in ancient astrology whereas Pluto comes from modern astrology, but many astrologers use both in their readings. While Mars is the planet that prompts the desire to fight and conquer, Pluto is the planet that rules the cycle of death and rebirth and signifies transformation.

In part because Scorpio signs are constantly transforming, the energy is hard to maneuver. "The truth is that a lot of people that have Scorpio in their charts, whether it's sun, rising, or moon; they attract more intense life experiences," Montúfar explains.

At its highest vibration, it is an incredibly powerful sign, Montúfar says, referencing Leonardo DiCaprio and Anna Wintour as famous Scorpios who have harnessed their power. Just as Libras are known to be the 'artist,' Scorpios have their own archetype: The Shaman. "They have to go through this intense training and this intense introspection, inner transformation, and inner discovery," Montúfar elaborates.

Another key characteristic of Scorpio signs is their magnetism, Montúfar says, a certain charisma, sexiness, or je ne sais quoi that attracts other people. Pluto has a deeply magnetic force and since it rules Scorpio, these signs can easily attract partners. Sometimes they actually operate better when they are with a partner, she explains.


Scorpios are very goal-oriented and driven, Montúfar says. They have a particular talent for strategy given not only their high intensity and sometimes ruthless nature, but also their ability to predict others' thoughts and actions.

Scorpios also make incredible therapists, Montúfar says, joking she (herself a Scorpio) tells people she's part-therapist, part-astrologer. Because Scorpios are not afraid of discussing trauma, in fact they welcome it, they can connect at a deep level with others.

Their ability to detect other people's thoughts and desires also helps them excel in the marketing field and in anything that involves investigation, Montúfar says. "People who do detective work for a living that's the archetype," she explains, "It's kind of like being able to zoom into something and figure it out. They have a talent for that."

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Scorpios have a high amount of sexual energy, Montúfar says, but it's not a superficial sexual energy. It's an intense and visceral desire to merge with another person. This can be the basis of a healthy sex life, or, when Scorpios are in their shadow side, it can prompt infidelity if they are not having their needs met.

Scorpios do like to be in committed relationships though. Since they are a water sign, they like to merge and are fairly emotional.

They are often skeptical of others at first. Since they attract trauma and intense life experiences, they are very protective of their inner self, Montúfar says. "They slowly bring you into your life," she says. "Even if you don't notice it, they're observing you."

Once they do open up though, they have a soft interior and will be a true ride-or-die partner or friend, Montúfar explains. They're the kind of friend that will show up for you always, give you the shirt off their back and defend you to others when you're not around.

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If Scorpio is such an intense energy to handle, who fills those ever-important shoes of the Scorpio's soulmate?

A number of different signs might be a good fit. They are compatible with the other water signs: Cancer and Pisces, Montúfar says. They also have a known compatibility with earth signs (think water meeting the land), in particular Virgo and Capricorn.

The third earth sign: Taurus, is a little more tricky. "Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio," Montúfar explains, so, "It's either really good or it's really bad."

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Interpersonally, Scorpios aren't interested in people-pleasing the same way a Libra might be, so small talk to make others feel good isn't their strong suit.

Their intensity can also be overpowering if they don't have a handle on it. "Whenever a Scorpio wants something, they'll get it." Montúfar says. "Sometimes if they're in their shadow side, they can be ruthless."

Since Pluto is the planet of rebirth, Scorpios are also constantly in a cycle of reinvention, and in an eternal state of transformation. This can mean a lot of ups and downs.

Scorpio's powerful sex drive also can prove to be their downfall, because it's one of the principal ways they feel connected to someone they're in a relationship with. This can give way to dependency. Their intense magnetism can also result in a sort of unhealthy obsession that stems both ways. A partner can become obsessed with a Scorpio, and vice versa.

Scorpio signs can also be very competitive, which is both a strength and a weakness depending on how it manifests. Their desire to win is similar to that of an Aries sign, only a bit more subtle.

Scorpio strengths

Scorpios are excellent at scanning people and knowing what's on their mind, Montúfar says, going as far as to describe them as psychic. "They see right through you," she explains. "They see your intentions and that scares people."

Because they’re able to see a person's true intentions, and can tell if a person has a strange vibe or is a user, they tend to be a little picky about who they spend time with. "They don't have time for BS," Montúfar elaborates. "They prefer solitude instead of wasting their time with people that are just going to be surface level."

They're very hard working and committed, Montúfar says of Scorpios. That hallmark intensity means once they choose to be in something, they're really in it whether it's a work project or a friendship.

Scorpios also have an incredible resiliency, she says, often leading them to great success in their career field. They also have a serious depth, built in part from their own trauma. "They understand that gray area because they’ve seen it," Montúfar says, adding that if there were a Zodiac sign assigned to the cosmic dance between light and dark, Scorpio would be the one.

They have an eternal curiosity not just about the complex emotions and experiences of others, but also about life beyond earth. "Scorpios are looking for enigmas and the occult and the non-tangible side of life," Montúfar says. "They know that there's more to it."

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