Scott Bakula Of 'NCIS: New Orleans' Is a Private Guy; Here's Why

Emily Reily


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Keeping His Own Identity

A lot of celebrities prefer to stay out of the limelight for obvious reasons. Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the Star Wars franchise, is known to turn down a selfie-seeker or two.

Longtime actor Scott Bakula has always been a private guy himself, but he has his own reasons.

From Broadway To Hollywood

Bakula first found acting success on Broadway, but later relocated to Hollywood just to "see" if he could be successful.

“I went to New York to be an actor and hope that I could do stage work and be on Broadway and do musicals. I just had to go to New York and see if I could make it," he's said.

Of course he made it, appearing on "Quantum Leap," and later "Star Trek: Enterprise," the short-lived "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and other projects.

More Than a Full-Time Job

Bakula's biggest role in Hollywood was probably as Sam Beckett in NBC's sci-fi drama "Quantum Leap." That show forced him to put in a lot of extra hours of work, which caused him to miss things at home with his family.

After spending long hours on "Quantum Leap," Bakula eventually had it written into his contract that he would be home at a certain time.

“I had it put in my contract that I would be done every Wednesday at 6 so I could be home for dinner. And I made time to coach my sons’ soccer and baseball teams,” he says.

Playing By His Rules

He's had steady work for the past several years, portraying Dwayne Pride in "NCIS: New Orleans."

But now when people ask for interviews with him, he does his best to avoid those exchanges at home, preferring to keep the physical boundaries separate.

He told CBS News:

"I said, ‘I can’t, I can’t.’ Where do you stop?”

And every weekend, he travels from New Orleans to Los Angeles just to be home with his family.

Wise man.