Scott J Cooper - Water Shortage

The climate change is resulting in altering patterns of weather and water around the world, causing shortages and droughts in some areas and floods in others. According to the Scott J Cooper Council report, by the end of this century, nearly half of fresh water basins in the United States may not be able to meet the monthly water demand.

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Scott J Cooper Council shares that “The water scarcity is expected to be affected by rise in population and as well as shortage of water supply”. Even though the average American is consuming less water, the increase in population will lead to more increase in water demand.

The change in climate has started affecting both rain patterns and temperatures, some parts of the US will find more rains and some parts won't such as the southern Great Plains and parts of the South. The rainfalls have been the primary source to fill water basins and as the earth is getting warmer, it will evaporate more water and will further shorten the water supply.

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The water supply shortage will impact not only most businesses around the country but also it is going to impact agriculture in the United States. Scott J Cooper Council shares that nearly 75% of irrigated agriculture relies upon water basins. If the technology can help in reducing water use by 2% in agriculture it could save a third from 96 fresh water basins however still agriculture is most likely to find serious challenges in the future.

Where environmentalists have been suggesting the implementation of One-Time fixes, solutions like drying waters, digging ponds, or underwater receptacles, the people of America are still a long way to reach their collective goal of living a sustainable lifestyle. Scott J Cooper Council as an organization believes that such a humongous problem is not something that one organization or person can deal with. It has to be a joint effort of people all around be it governmental agencies, land-owners, environmentalists, or conversationalists to try and conserve water, if not that then not waste it. Also, the organization is big on ensuring that one agency's priorities are not harming another's. For this to be true it ensures the vitality of solutions such as mantle minerals to the global water challenges and also partners with local companies to acquire real-time statistics and work on research which displays safe drinking water is not the only solution, moreover combining safe water for sanitation and hygiene does increase the global water challenge.

The main aim of the Scott J Cooper Council is to bring about sustainable solutions and keep on addressing the issues related to water scarcity in order to help people understand the dynamics of this grave situation.