Scott Miller gives updates on details for Bristol Dirt Race

NASCAR Vice President of Competition Scott Miller gives an update on the qualifying and heat race procedures for the Bristol Dirt Race.

Video Transcript

SCOTT MILLER: I think ever since we started having success with the Eldora truck race, there had been talk about bringing a cup to a dirt track event. "Fox" and SMI and NASCAR kind of got together and decided it was-- it was time to give it a try.

We really wanted to kind of just take a page out of dirt track racing playbook, really. They do and use these type of procedures to set the field for their main events. So we thought it would be, you know, something different for us and interesting to implement for this one. It should provide for some really interesting heat races and, you know, some variation of where, you know, some of our star drivers are starting in the main event, which is also always-- always interesting for the fans and great for the show.

Green flag stops or changed tires under yellow-- that would get us to a competitive pit stop. So you would have to race in the pit box and race on pit road. And those were the elements that we thought were not something that we wanted to subject anybody to on dirt.

The broadcasters are behind it. Marcus committed obviously a ton of time, effort, and money into making it happen. So it just-- the timing was right. And I expect it to be a really, really good show. And you know, we will-- we'll see. It's not too far away now.