Scott Padgett's Weather Forecast

Expect temperatures in the mid-80s as we get closer to the weekend.

Video Transcript

- What picked up today? The winds, man, was it a breezy to windy day. We had wind gusts up to near 40 miles per hour or higher, McKinney and in Fort Worth, to 35 at Love Field.

Tonight though, on the satellite radar, can't really find those-- those lights that were in the sky, but I can show you the big area of low pressure that's now tracking its way into Missouri. Cold front continuing to march its way off to the East. So as this is continuing eastward, the pressure gradient is kind of weakening. So that means our winds have come down. They're now on the west at 6 miles per hour.

68 degrees right now at DFW, clear skies on the way. Or dew point's in the upper 30s. So our temperatures, they're comfortable tonight. Still at 70 in Dallas, to 57 to Waxahachie, 61 in McKinney.

We'll see temperatures through the remainder of the evening dip their way down to the upper 40s, to the low 50s. So not a bad start to your Thursday. And it's going to be a beautiful day to get outside and sneeze all day long, if you're like me. Tomorrow, in the high category, Friday, the high category as far as the allergens are concerned, maple, hackberry, and oak, the big ones in the air right now.

All right. So tomorrow, it's going to be beautiful, as I talked about. We're up to 76 degrees by noon, on our way up to about 83 to 84, south winds holding on your 10 to 15. So while it's not going to be as windy as today, that southerly flow allows the moisture to start to return.

And then we have that in place going into Friday. Warm fronts around, dry line out to the West. Those in combination into the late afternoon hours, early evening hours, will spark of the potential of maybe some strong storms before the next front works its way through.

So that's why we do have a slight risk of severe storms in the forecast, late Friday for most of North Texas. What are we talking about? Maybe some golf ball-sized hail or larger, and possibly some damaging wind gusts, the biggest threats with the potential of these storms.

And then where are we going to see the rain? In some spots, maybe a 1/2 of an inch of rain to near an inch. Other than that, a great weekend developing, 76 Saturday, 82 on Sunday. Keep the umbrella close by. We have rain back in the forecast by next Wednesday.