Scottsdale Pizzeria Ordered To Close For Coronavirus Violations

Lindsay Walker
·2 min read

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — A Scottsdale pizza restaurant was ordered to close Friday for a number of coronavirus safety violations, officials said.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has asked Il Capo Pizzeria on Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard to shut its doors for violating its coronavirus guidelines allowing the restaurant to be open amid the pandemic. A "Notice of Closure for Non-Compliance" was sent to the restaurant on Friday, according to reports from ABC15.

According to health inspectors, the restaurant was limiting occupancy, serving only parties of 10 or less, and making masks and gloves available to its employees. But inspectors also saw staff members without masks, customers walking around without them and people seating themselves, which is not allowed. Employees also did not enforce social distancing and tables were not spaced six feet apart. No hand sanitizer was available for guests or staff members to use.

Per the Arizona Restaurant Association, restaurants are required to do the following in order to remain open:

  • Prohibit open seating; customers must be brought to their designated seating area (including any bar top seating) by a staff member.

  • Assign an employee to monitor and enforce physical distancing in any locations where queues may form, or patrons may congregate.

  • Eliminate any indoor standing room where patrons can congregate.

  • Close communal spaces and common areas where people are likely to congregate and interact.

  • Prohibit dancing and repurpose any dance floor or area for seating or close it off.

  • Close off access to parlor games (pool, darts, or other games commonly associated with eating and drinking establishments).

  • Prohibit Karaoke or other live performances in which customers are active participants.

  • Eliminate instances where customers could share food, such as bowls of food (nuts, chips, etc.).

Restaurants also must operate at 50 percent capacity. Any bar or nightclub currently open must also serve food to guests.

Il Capo has not made any public comment on its website or social media pages.

The restaurant will need to make the necessary changes and reapply to open with the department of health services.

Several bars and restaurants in Scottsdale and Tempe that were ordered to close over the summer were allowed to reopen after agreeing to pay a fine, to continue to follow the safety guidelines, and to temporarily shorten their hours. In October, the department also ordered Skin Cabaret in Scottsdale and Dirty's Topless Sports Bar & Grill in Phoenix to close for violating the state's guidelines.

This article originally appeared on the Scottsdale Patch