Who are the on-screen characters driving the hottest beauty collections of the summer?

Cartoon characters and animated stars are big news in the beauty business right now, as the latest slew of makeup collections inspired by hit movies and TV shows proves.

SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants is the latest on-screen character to get his own beauty collection, thanks to the vegan and cruelty-free label HipDot Studios. The collaboration, which launches on July 17, will take the form of a colorful eyeshadow palette, a blush bronzer, lip glosses and face masks, Forbes reports. "SpongeBob has influenced everything from fashion to art to the Internet over the past two decades, so it makes sense for him to take over the beauty world as well," Priya Mukhedkar, Vice President of Packaged Goods at Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products, told the publication.

The Lion King

This weekend saw beauty fans treated to a Lion King beauty collection created by the celebrity makeup artist Sir John and Luminess Cosmetics. The eight-piece makeup line -- designed to celebrate the launch of the upcoming, Jon Favreau-directed version of the movie this July -- features a "Kingdom Sculpting Palette," a "Can't Wait to be Queen Eyeshadow Palette," two "Be Brave Matte Lipsticks," a duo of "Be Prepared Liquid Lipsticks," a "Legacy Tinted Lip Balm" and a "Circle of Life Highlighter." Eyeshadow shades have been named after key characters, such as Mufasa, Zaza and Nala.


UK retailer Primark hopped on the ‘Aladdin' beauty bandwagon last month with the launch of a magical makeup series spanning eyeshadows, a glitter body mist, a fragrance, two hairbrushes, a compact mirror, a set of press-on nails, an eye mask and a turban. The line, which launched ahead of Disney's new movie version of the classic story, was presented in blue and purple packaging decorated with illustrations of the character of Jasmine.