Scuba divers find themselves surrounded by curious dolphins

Scuba diving is a thrilling sport beyond description. The underwater world is filled with beauty and wonder. Unusual structures and corals line the bottom of the ocean, creating a landscape that is beautiful beyond description, and the animal life is equally breath taking. Dolphins are among the most fascinating of all the ocean's creatures. They are graceful and quick, often appearing for only a moment as they swim past scuba divers. But occasionally, they are curious enough to venture close to check out the humans that must appear so awkward and clumsy to them. These divers entered the water in the remote area around Darwin Island in the Galapagos, hoping to see hammerheads and whale sharks, along with any other animals. They were surprised and thrilled to be surrounded by a large pod of dolphins that were slowly moving through the area. The playful antics of the dolphins and the inquisitive looks delighted the divers as the pod stayed with them over a minute or two before moving on. The squeaks and squeals of the dolphins communicating can clearly be heard in this video as the dolphins check them out. One of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, dolphins are also one of the most loved. Their faces seem to be set in a permanent smile. For many, a close up encounter with a dolphin is one of their ultimate dreams. These lucky scuba divers were fortunate to actually see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat, on their own terms.

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