Seahawks' Russell Wilson on fatherhood, giving back to the community

The Seattle QB joins Jared Quay on behalf of Bose to discuss family life, helping out in the community and the headphones that help him focus on a daily basis. Bose Noise Cancelling 700s are great for conference calls, video chats, or just listening to your favorite music.

Video Transcript

JARED QUAY: Now that the season over, it is the offseason. I know you just had a newborn. How is that? You getting more time to spend with your kid? That's a little fun, right?

RUSSELL WILSON: Yeah, I mean, obviously having children is such a blessing. We have three kids running around, Future, Sienna, and Win. Win, he was born this past summer, and so he's getting at that point where I feel like he's gonna run before he walks.

JARED QUAY: Obviously, you got some really cool headphones on your ears. If you had a neighbor, and he didn't want to hear the baby crying, would those be some good headphones he should have?

RUSSELL WILSON: You wouldn't be able to hear anything with these just in case. But the cool thing about these 700s is we were able to earlier today-- I've been with Bose for, I think, eight years now almost, maybe nine. And the cool part about it is that throughout the years we've been able to give back and to do so many cool things. So today we hopped on [INAUDIBLE] and got to meet a bunch of fans, but also more importantly healthcare workers that have been doing so many great things.

And so we really wanted to honor them. Bose and I, we partnered up to honor them. So we sent them this really cool, big old Bose kit. It was a massive kit. And inside that kit-- I had them open it up right in front of me. And inside that kit, there was Bose TV speakers so they could watch the big game, watch their favorite TV shows, listen to our interview.

And then, also, they also had some really great things, like Super Bowl merchandise. And, also, we wanted to honor the local communities, too, and so we had gift cards to the local businesses around. So it was pretty cool, but more importantly to honor the healthcare workers and all the amazing things they've done.

JARED QUAY: Man, that is amazing, man. I appreciate all the good work you're doing with Bose and helping out. You handing out touchdowns and handing out a lot of free stuff at the Super Bowl. That's amazing.