Seal Beach Police Deploy Summer Beach Patrol Team

Ashley Ludwig

SEAL BEACH, CA — Memorial Day through Labor Day you'll see them. Two-officer teams on hand in high traffic areas of Seal Beach, conducting "community oriented policing."

Officers will patrol throughout the city, Main Street, and the beach area. They'll be watching for increased crowds and summer activity, making sure all follow the local health order and COVID-19 guidelines in an effort to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The officers will patrol on foot, in cars, on bicycles, and in off-road vehicles, according to Seal Beach Sgt. Nick Nicholas.

The two officers selected for this assignment were chosen because of their proactivity and dedication to the City of Seal Beach. Their primary objective will be to help keep the most trafficked areas of Seal Beach safe by being a uniformed presence and by preventing crimes.

Seal Beach Police Chief Philip Gonshak discussed the operation.

“Because of our beautiful beaches, popular Main Street, and excellent weather, we normally see a large increase in tourists to our city,” Gonshak said. “But this increase in population also creates an increase in potential criminal activity. By dedicating these two officers to patrol our busiest areas, our goal is to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, and businesses.”

Although the COP Team will deploy from the Police Substation at the base of the pier, they will respond to emergencies throughout the city and address quality of life issues in all neighborhoods.

They will also act as liaisons between the Police Department and businesses and will participate in community education events.

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This article originally appeared on the Los Alamitos-Seal Beach Patch