Sean Hannity's Genius Idea Ensures Men Never Have to Pay for Birth Control

Sean Hannity's Genius Idea Ensures Men Never Have to Pay for Birth Control

Leaver of New York Sean Hannity hatched a brilliant plan on his conservative talk radio show Monday. While discussing former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's comments that the government shouldn't offer birth control to women who can't control their "libido or their reproductive system," Hannity asked a female caller, "Why should Americans be paying the $9 a month for birth control pills that you can get at Walmart? Especially Catholics, and people of faith?" 

Instead of including birth control coverage in Obamacare plans, Hannity reasons that women could get together amongst themselves and start an "Adopt-a-Woman" program to help pay for the birth control of those less fortunate. As birth control only ever benefits women, this makes sense. Throughout the segment, Hannity asked why it's a "war on women" to not pay for someone else's birth control. Ladies, he can't make it any clearer: Hannity is not interested in buying your birth control, even if it is "inexpensive." He also has a hot tip on prophylactics: "Condoms are relatively inexpensive. You can buy 'em in bulk on the Internet!"

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The Adopt-a-Woman program sounds like it could really work, though. We just have a few questions about the particulars. Does every woman who wants to be adopted get a new mom to pay for her birth control? Where do you sign up to be an adopter/adoptee? What happens if your birth control costs more than $9? Do you have to lose control of your libido/reproductive system before you're eligible for the program? Can Catholics participate? And what if not enough adopters sign up? How do you deal with an Adopt-a-Woman death spiral? 

In 2012, Hannity was sure that there was enough birth control out there to prevent all pregnancies. Perhaps he can explain, in detail, how we should divvy it up amongst ourselves. 

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