Sean Hannity Rants At Savannah Guthrie's Town Hall Tone In Staggering Self-Own

Sean Hannity led a Fox News outcry over NBC town hall moderator Savannah Guthrie’s questioning of President Donald Trump on Thursday ― and he did it with a head-shaking lack of self-awareness. (See the video below.)

Guthrie’s tone reeked of “political bias” and was “not journalism,” the Fox News personality fumed as he accused Guthrie of acting as Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s “surrogate.”

“Today” host Guthrie actually was widely praised for moderating the town hall like a real reporter, pressing the president on his unwillingness to denounce followers of the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon, his retweeting of many unfounded conspiracy theories, his waffling on face masks, and other topics.

Fox News has been largely a safe haven for the president, with its morning and prime time personalities forming a de-facto campaign arm for the Republican administration. Hannity, a Trump chum, has been a leader of the truth-defying effort, defending the president’s behavior at all costs on his show.

The sight of a journalist not letting Trump off the hook seemed to enrage him.

“NBC fake news did their best to just ambush President Trump at tonight’s town hall,” Hannity said on his show after the town hall. “He pretty much debated Savannah Guthrie and what we all witnessed was not journalism. It was a political debate with the morning host of the ‘Today’ show serving as, well, Joe Biden’s surrogate and it didn’t really work out well for her.

“Questions, topics, tactics all reeking of nothing but pure political bias,” he added. “... Savannah, you need to get out of the New York, liberal, elitist, out-of-touch bubble that you’re living in and maybe read some other news or take a step outside the far-left enclave that is conspiracy TV MSNBC DNC.”

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