Sean Payton is already trying to lure Zion Williamson to the Saints

It’s been over 12 hours since it was announced that the No. 1 pick in NBA draft belongs to the New Orleans Pelicans, and fans and employees may still be blinking in disbelief. The team had just a four percent chance of landing the top pick, and now they’re looking at a future that almost certainly contains Zion Williamson.

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton doesn’t think Williamson should stop at the Pelicans, though. He has visions of grandeur in his head, visions of a two-sport athlete who could take the city and the sports world by storm. Allow Payton to introduce you to Saints player Zion Williamson.

Payton was obviously joking, though he would probably change his tune if Zion called him tomorrow and said “when can I try out?” And if he did, it’s not like Zion is unfamiliar with football. He played quarterback before he focused on basketball, and he can throw a football really, really, really, really far. And at 6’7 and 284 pounds, he’s certainly got the size for it. He’s bigger than Rob Gronkowski, who is listed at 6’6 and 265 pounds.

Zion will not be calling Payton to ask about tryouts, but the dream of seeing him in a Saints jersey isn’t dead. If he goes to a game at the Superdome this fall, he’ll probably wear one to the stadium.

Zion Williamson on the Saints? Sean Payton wouldn't say no. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

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