Sean Spicer Hopes His 'Dancing With the Stars' Shirt Will Help Veterans

Emily Reily


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It's the Green Monster!

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer says he plans to auction off his bright green ruffled shirt that he wore on "Dancing With the Stars."

Spicer says he's giving it to two charities: the "Yellow Ribbon Fund," which helps those who care for injured veterans, and the charity "Independence," which gives wheelchairs to needy service members.

Will We Ever Get Over This?

Spicer's not-loud-at-all shirt took its maiden voyage on Monday, and we haven't been able to get it out of our heads since then.

Going For a Good Cause

“I’m good to let it go for a good cause. These are two causes are near and dear to me,” Spicer says, according to the story.

Sooo Not Spicy

As to the hideous lime-green color of the shirt, Spicer says it wouldn't have been his first choice:

“I didn’t read my contract real well."

And he views the cursed item of clothing as "payback" for those who don't like him.

“I think this is payback for everybody who wanted to get back at me. So they’re like, listen, we’re going to put you in the worst shirt to make you play bongos, listen and dance to the Spice Girls and wear this shirt halfway cut down your chest."