Search for boy, 12, with autism moves focus to river in Hammond

The search for a missing 12-year-old boy with autism in Hammond, Indiana is expected to resume Monday morning.

Video Transcript

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: Tanja, police are still calling this a search and rescue mission, and this morning, they are focusing-- they've scaled back their search using drones and helicopters focusing here around the little Calumet River. Meanwhile, dozens of volunteers are here helping on the ground.

DANIELLE DUCKWORTH: He doesn't ask for much, and he just want to be around his family.

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: This morning, Kyrin Carter's mother pleading for the public's help to find her son. This is volunteers pass-out flyers.

DANIELLE DUCKWORTH: Flyers are more so everybody can see his face. Just to see his face, bring him back.

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: Surveillance video shows 12-year-old Kyrin, who has autism, leaving the Best Western hotel in Hammond at around 12:30 Saturday afternoon. He was wearing a blue t-shirt, shorts, and no shoes. The family visiting from Kansas City, Missouri, to attend an engagement party at the hotel.

PATRICIA DUCKWORTH: So if you call his mom's name, that'll probably make him stop because he does know Danielle. I know he's on sensory overload at this point in time. But if anybody see anything, I just need this baby returned back to his mom.

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: Police believe Kyrin, who is non-verbal but highly functional, did not cross the Expressway near Klein Avenue. They think he went out of the back door of the hotel near the little Calumet River. And after an extensive search yesterday by air, land, and water, today, they're focusing on that area around the river.

LT. STEVE KELLOGG: It's been just about 48 hours, so our fingers are crossed that he's maybe still somewhere hiding and scared and that we're still going to find him.

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: Meanwhile, volunteers keep showing up to help. Some with special equipment and search dogs.

PHILLIP CLANTON: I couldn't sleep this morning. I came out to see what I could do to help find this poor child.

ANN COGLIANESE: We're moms, and I would want the entire world to come out and help me find my son. That's what where hopefully all going to be able to do for--

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: Police say volunteers are welcome to come here to the hotel, and they are asking people that if you see Kyrin, to call 911 right away. Back to you Tanja and Terrell.