Search continues for 8-year-old swept up by rip current

Galveston Beach Patrol said they don't expect the boy's body to resurface until Thursday or Friday.

Video Transcript

- Hey, good afternoon, guys. Yeah, this is such a tragic story. We've talked to a lot of people here in Galveston today who everybody knows about this story and the search for the eight-year-old who was last seen off of the 37th Street jetty here. Galveston Police, beach patrol, as well as the Coast Guard have been up and down this beach all day long trying to find that boy. The search continues for a little eight-year-old boy dragged out late Tuesday by a rip current in the Gulf.

- It's so sad.

- Beach patrol says the family visiting from St. Louis was swimming near the 37th Street jetty. A lifeguard saw the boy being taken out and jumped in after him, but not before the boy went under.

STEPHEN HILL: And they said a little boy, and they were out swimming with the family, and he disappeared.

- Visiting the beach with his family, Stephen Hill watched as crews searched for the boy as long as they could last night and when they started back up this morning. Stephen has a granddaughter himself, the same age as the missing boy.

STEPHEN HILL: It's horrific. I don't know what I'd do.

PETER DAVIS: It wasn't just a red flag day, which we've been flying recently just because the water's been so rough, but it was also a day where the rip currents were just exceptionally strong by these [? groins. ?]

- Beach patrol chief Peter Davis was with the family last night and hopes to bring them closure soon. In the meantime, he is asking people to be mindful of the flags and restricted swimming areas as the summer beach season starts. And so the flags last night were red. You can see they are now yellow here on the beach. That has since changed in the past few hours or so.

Peter says right now they are short staffed as far as lifeguards go so it is best to swim near a staffed lifeguard tower. You see this one here at the 37th Street jetty staffed. So if you do come swimming, do be mindful of that, and of course, be mindful of the color of the flags.