Search Continues For Tara Payne Who Went Missing In Baltimore After Birthday Celebration

The search continues for a 26-year-old woman who went missing after a night out celebrating her birthday with friends.

Video Transcript

- Well a missing person's case tonight takes a tragic turn. City police now say a woman who disappeared after going out for her birthday may have fallen into the water along Boston Street in Canton. That is where WJZ is live for you today. Rachel Cardin has been there all afternoon following the story and Rachel, we know that there's some new activity happening right now. Tell us about it.

RACHAEL CARDIN: That's right, Nicole. Police tape went up here sometime after 4 o'clock and for the last few hours there have been Baltimore City marine unit divers in the section of water that you see behind me. Now earlier today, we saw two boats docked in that area but they left.

They came back, like I said, after 4 o'clock. They've been in the water ever since. Divers take to the water next to Bo Brooks in Canton. As they search, the family and friends of 26-year-old Savannah Payne canvas the block looking for her.

BRIAN SIWINSKI: We've known her since she was just a little girl. She has not run off.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Brian Siwinski says Payne grew up down the street from his house in Anne Arundel County. He's friends with her parents who are stricken with worry.

BRIAN SIWINSKI: Her parents are devastated and our community is devastated. I don't think any of us slept last night.

RACHAEL CARDIN: The events leading up to Payne's disappearance place her along O'Donnell Street near Canton Square around 1:30 Tuesday morning. That was the last anyone saw of her.

BRIAN SIWINSKI: It was her birthday, she was in Canton, they were having a good time with some friends. She got separated and after that, the details are kind of sketchy.

RACHAEL CARDIN: As Baltimore City Police and fire boats circle the water, loved ones hope and pray.

BRIAN SIWINSKI: I don't want to think about why the boats are here. They were just-- I don't want to think about why the boats are here. We all know why the boats are here but that's worst case, and we're not there yet.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Now we have reached out to Baltimore City Police about the circumstances surrounding this case, how this woman ended up in the water, we are waiting to hear back again. The homicide unit has taken over this investigation. We're live at 7:00 in Canton. I'm Rachael Cardin for WJZ.