Search continues for Tennessee man who disappeared without a trace in early May

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Chadwick Carr loves to make people laugh. Every day, he posts some type of entertaining content for his fans - anything to bring a smile to people’s faces and brighten their day. “

He’s a comedian - or thinks he is,” his sister Whitney Williams Carr told Dateline with a small laugh. “He’s very outgoing and very much a people person.”

But the 32-year-old's posts on social media stopped on May 2, 2021.

The Knox County, Tennessee native had been living in the Oliver Springs area of Anderson County, Tennessee for the past several months, but kept in contact with his mother and his sister nearly every day.

Chadwick and his sister, Whitney.
Chadwick and his sister, Whitney.

Whitney told Dateline she spoke to her brother on the phone the night before he disappeared. She said at first everything seemed fine, but then at some point when he set the phone down to light a cigarette, she heard talking and then the line disconnected. Whitney said she tried calling back, but he never answered.

When Chad failed to show up for an early morning meeting and at his construction job the next day, his family knew something was wrong.

“He’s been through a lot, but he’s a hard worker and he would have shown up for those responsibilities,” Whitney said. “And he loves his job - loves doing construction and working with his hands - building and creating things.”

She said they became even more concerned when Chad's cell phone, wallet, van keys and a single flip flop sandal were found left behind at his residence.

“He didn’t take anything,” she said. “It’s almost like he’s a ghost and he just vanished.”

Whitney and their mother, who live in Knoxville, filed a missing persons report with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. The Knoxville Police also joined the search efforts, posting pertinent information to social media asking for the public’s help.

Two weeks after Chad's disappearance, Anderson County Detective Darrell Slater released a statement on video, telling reporters that they had exhausted all efforts in Anderson and Knox counties, and asked the public to call with any tips they may have.

“The tips were really coming in good for the first two or three days, but none of them really panned out,” Det. Slater said at the time. “But I’m still hopeful. I’m not going to let this go.”

Chad's family refuses to give up on finding him, but say it has taken a toll on them. His sister Whitney told Dateline she’s trying to be strong for their mother.

“That’s her baby boy,” she said. “This is really breaking her. I’m just trying to keep it together for all of us.”

She’s also trying to stay strong for Chad's son - who she says has the same smile and same comical personality.

“We don’t have a lot of answers right now but what we do know is he wouldn’t just walk away from his family,” Whitney said. “He does not do this. It makes no sense.”

Whitney told Dateline she’s not sure what else can be done, but she hopes and prays someone will come forward with information that leads them to her brother.

“He had this saying he would say at the end of his Snapchat videos, ‘“Sip on me, don’t dip on me!’” Whitney told Dateline. “So that’s what I tell people, please ‘don’t dip on me’ - help me find my brother.”

Chad is described as being 5’9” tall and weighs about 230 lbs. He was last seen wearing black shorts, a black tank top and tan flip flops.

Anyone with information on Chad's whereabouts is asked to call the Anderson County dispatch at 865-457-2414.

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