Search on for man, woman in violent brawl at Bronx Popeye's

At one point, police say the pair picked up a "wet floor" sign and beat the victim over the head with it before taking $150.

Video Transcript

- It's 4:42. New this morning, police are looking for the antagonists in a violent brawl at a Popeye's restaurant in the Bronx. Don't fight at the Popeye's. This happened last Saturday. Video shows the man in the red shirt threw the first punch. But then that escalates as he hit and a woman attack the 24-year-old victim.

At one point, they pick up a wet floor sign. They beat him over the head with it. Police say they stole $150 from the victim before taking off. Get this. The woman later returns to the Popeye's without her coat and wig because they left the food on the counter.

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