Search Ongoing For Missing Mom Lashun Massey

Nearly 36 hours have passed since the mother-of-two was last seen in Irving after neighbors claim they saw her walking around Lake Lago de Claire.

Video Transcript

- It has been nearly 36 hours now since a mother of two was last seen in Irving, after neighbors say they saw her walking around Lake Lago De Claire. Rachael O'Neil spoke with her husband and is live at the apartment complex now with what all he had to say. Rachael?

RACHAEL O'NEIL: Ken, 38-year-old Leshun Massey has been missing since about 7:00 yesterday morning after her workout routine. Now Texas Parks and Wildlife, along with the Irving Police Department, say they have been monitoring this area through and through but still no sign of Leshun.

And her husband, Jeff Massey, says it's unlike the pageant queen, who was reigning Mrs. Dallas, to suddenly vanish. Massey been posted in the chair, viewing the lake since his wife's disappearance. He says after her morning workout yesterday, Leshun didn't send her normal check-in text, causing concern. By 7:30, he along with two others called 911.

Massey says he doesn't believe his wife is in the lake, rather someone has done something or at least knows something. Massey says he plans to wait by the lake every day until his wife returns.

JEFF MASSEY: She knows how much I love her, how much I cherish her. She's my life, and she is my world. And she's gonna come home. She's gonna come home. She was on a very good career path. She was very excited about it. So there was a lot of positive things in her life.

RACHAEL O'NEIL: I'm told Leshun Massey was preparing for a pageant this weekend, Mrs. Texas. That's supposed to be happening.

Now in the meantime, Massey says he plans to join forces with the Irving Police Department to post signs and posters to help locate his wife.

In Irving, Rachael O'Neil, CBS11 News.

- I can't believe that he's feeling any comfort as of yet, Rachael. Hopefully, he gets news--