Search Party Combs Anne Kolb Nature Center For Clues Into Disappearance Of Noemi Bolivar

CBS4's Joan Murray reports Bolivar, 21, was last seen at there on Thursday, Feb. 11. Read more:

Video Transcript

- Right now at 5, there's an active search to find a South Florida woman who vanished last week during a walk.

21-year-old Noemi Bolivar hasn't been seen since last Thursday.

- Now search crews are at the Anne Kolb Nature Center Park, looking for any clue that could help find her. CBS 4's Joan Murray is in Hollywood with the very latest.

- It's now a week since Noemi Bolivar disappeared in Hollywood. Her friends and family haven't stopped looking, and police are stepping up the search.

While a drone hovered over densely wooded areas, police officers fanned out in the Anne Kolb Nature Center off Sheridan Street, Hollywood-- the last place 21-year-old Noemi Bolivar Snapchatted with a friend Thursday.

OFFICER CHRISTIAN LATA: The reason why we're doing that is to possibly find any evidence, or any indication of where she could possibly be, or have traveled. At this time we want to assure the family, we want to assure the citizens, that we're doing everything we possibly can to help find Noemi.

- It's like part of my heart has been taken out.

- Bolivar's parents are frantic. Noemi just graduated college, and has been home the past year during the pandemic. They say she left their home with no money and no ID, took a bus to the Nature Center.

- We've had people out for the last six days, looking basically 24/7 almost.

- At Bolivar's church, friends have been taking stacks of flyers with her picture every day, blanketing parks and knocking on doors, hoping someone knows something.

- I was out searching for her yesterday.

- Oh really?

- Thank you so much.

KAREM RYKER: We're getting lots of tips every single day, people that think that they may have seen her. Some are more credible than others, but it gives us hope that she is out there, and we want to bring her home.

- Family friend Karem Ryker says Noemi's plan was to work for the National Park Service. She was dealing with disappointment not getting an internship at Everglades National Park, but she doesn't believe Noyemi is deliberately hiding.

- We've looked through her laptop, through her cell phone messages, the things that we have available to us, the resources that we had available we looked through that. It's not in her character to do that, she was not messaging anybody.

- Family and friends are going to continue putting up these flyers every day. Another big search is planned for Saturday. If you know anything about Naomi's disappearance, call Crime Stoppers 954-493-TIPS. In Hollywood, Joan Murray. CBS 4 News.