Search For Suspect Who Attacked A Woman At A Gardena Gas Station

Rick Montanez reports from a Gardena gas station where a man attacked a woman, seemingly randomly, Sunday. The victim is still hospitalized.

Video Transcript

- And now our other top story, the hunt for a suspect who sucker punched and beat a woman in a terrifying and brutal attack at a gas station. Now, the scary and random attack that could really happen to anyone has left a woman hospitalized.

- Yeah, she was pumping gas when the stranger brutally beat her. KCAL9's Rick Montanez live in Gardena with this disturbing video, more of it in the hunt of course, for the man who did it. Rick.


RICK MONTANEZ: Jasmine and Amy, we just learned actually from the employees here that the suspect in this attack is actually a regular customer or at least he used to be. This is not the Sinclair station we're off of Rosecrans Avenue and Avalon Boulevard here in Gardena. The brutal attack happened right here at pump number one last Sunday. The video is difficult to watch but in it you can see the man pretty well actually.

Let's walk you through it. The LA County Sheriff's Department released a video today in hopes that someone recognizes the shirtless man. You see once he's out of his SUV he casually walks up to the unsuspecting victim, that woman pumping gas when suddenly she's attacked.

You can see the man knocks her to the ground and then repeatedly hits her. She falls out of sight from the security camera. Investigators say the attacker though grabs a woman's hair and repeatedly slams her head into the car and on the ground. The attack lasts about 30 seconds and by that time bystanders begin to approach the suspect and the victim, one man is even seen walking with the suspect as he goes back to his SUV.

LASHANA DOUGLAS: It looks familiar, yeah, it looks like I've seen that car before. And I'm definitely going to be on the lookout from now on for that and just being aware of my surroundings period. I just would have never thought anything like that would have happened around here.

RICK MONTANEZ: So the Sheriff's department issued a special bulletin and they point out that the attacker is a large man about six feet to 6 foot 5 inches tall weighing about 300 to 350 pounds. The SUV he was in is an older model Ford Expedition. It's matte black in color with black rims. People who work here tell us the man has not come back since that brutal attack.

Again, this happened on Sunday around 7:00 in the evening. Before that though the people who work here say that he had been in here pretty much daily. That's why the Sheriff's department is really asking the public for help with this one, they want to identify that man.

As for the victim she was treated in the hospital and has since been released. But again this seems like an unprovoked and random attack that investigators need help finding the suspect. We're live in Gardena. Rick Monanez, KCAL9 News.

- All right. Thank you, Rick.