Search for suspect after at least 1 injured in Monsey shooting

Two people are in critical condition, and a suspect is on the loose after a shooting in Rockland County.

Video Transcript

- More on that breaking news we had at the top of the hour. In Rockland County, a shooting in Monsey. At least one person rushed into an ambulance on a stretcher. Eyewitness News reporter Naveen Dhaliwal is live at the scene. Naveen?

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: Yeah, Sandra, just arriving a few minutes ago. A very active scene here. These are the Regency Village Apartments. They're like garden apartments. I'm going to just pan over to show you investigators here. The area has been taped off, obviously, as this is a very active scene.

What we know right now is that one person was shot. We're also hearing that the shooter is on the loose at this time. It happened around 3:30 PM. This is at the corner of a Fletcher and Monsey Place-- Road, excuse me, Fletcher Road-- that I'm looking at. Investigators are here. It seems to be a family neighborhood. I'm looking at families, children playing around.

Unclear what happened here. But again, one person shot is what we have, another person on the loose. A very active scene here in Monsey, and we'll keep you posted as I get more information on this shooting.