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The Bachelor 's (potential) "ladies"  

Let the vetting begin, Bachelor Nation! Today, ABC released 33 women vying to compete for [name redacted]'s heart on the next season of The Bachelor. But as you can tell by the lack of retouching, questionable lighting, and wrinkly dresses that haven't been smoothed over with Photoshop, these women aren't yet "officially" in the cast. Just as they did with The Bachelorette's men last season, producers have dropped these 33 names and photos on Facebook early, knowing that at least one or two of them will likely need to be cut — perhaps because of unfortunate social media posts, scheduling conflicts, or any other issue that screams Wrong Reasons™. So click-through to see the future Bachelor's potential wives (only two of which are named "Lauren").

season 24: Meet the women!

The Bachelor season 24: Meet the women!