'You' Season 3 Has the Suburban Playlist of Your Nightmares

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Anyone who's ever seen You, the surprise Netflix hit back in early 2019 that the streaming giant has since picked up for itself and has become a staple of its programming, kind of knows what to expect with each season. Our main character, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is a psychotic, utterly compelling, and surprisingly-reliable narrator through an increasingly-absurd and outlandish world. We say surprisingly-reliable because, of course, the character is insane; he's a stalker, a murderer, and probably has the potential to be just about any other -er you can think of. But like his spiritual successor, Dexter from Dexter, what Joe narrates on-screen is what happens (as far as we can tell). He's out of control, but he's not living in another reality. And that makes for a fairly unique viewing experience.

Part of what helps us so shape Joe's perspective on his world are the musical cues that You so perfectly incorporates throughout its run. With song choices that always match the right situation, we get the proper glimpse into how Joe feels. A melancholy moment? Here's the perfect song. An anxious or aggressive moment? The speed or tempo of a song can help us track how Joe feels, and, thus, how we're supposed to feel.

And Season 3 brings some top-notch curation to the moment. A meta/movie homage moment soundtracked by Lorde? You bet it's there. Indie punkers Iceage? They're in there. Hell, the show even paid up (and probably quite a bit) for a Taylor Swift needle drop that's like *chef's kiss* in the moment.

Now, granted, Joe's status as an anti-hero make this a bit more nuanced than some more typical shows. Joe is our protagonist, but let's be entirely clear: he's a villain. Again, the guy is a stalker, a murderer, and just an all-around horrid human being. But damn if his whole deal—and that perspective of his—doesn't make for good television, am I right?

After spending Season 1 on the prowl in New York City, and Season 2 ducking people and trying to hide in Los Angeles, Season 3 brings Joe to a whole new world: the suburbs. Still in California, Joe now has a wife named Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) and a son named Henry. Of course, there's plenty of drama on their nicely-wooded street—and as always, You has music to match accordingly.

Below, you can check out an episode-by-episode breakdown of every song in You Season 3.

Episode 1

“Buzzkill” by Baby Queen

Episode 2

“Dripping” by Blonde Redhead

“My Heart Belongs To You” by Bobby Vinton

“Beautiful Dreamer” (On-Camera)

Episode 3

“Fire” by Two Feet

“California” by Surnames

“I Lied” by Lord Huron

“Killer Scene” by Pale Honey

Episode 4

“I’ll Take Care Of you (Caught A Ghost Remix)” by Bobby “Blue” Bland

Episode 5

“Tangerine” by Glass Animals ft. Arlo Parks

Episode 6

“Supercut” by Lorde

“Dramatic” by Cat & Calmell

“Vendetta” by Iceage

“Shh..Dont Say It” by Fletcher

“I’ll Be There” (On-Camera)

“The Good Ones” by Widowspeak

Episode 7

“Feel Good” by Polo & Pan

“Freak” by Doja Cat

“Super Duper Party People” by Allie X

“Spirals (Dave Sitek Remix)” by Django Django

“Numb” by Robot Koch

Episode 8

“Clouds” by Park Hye & Nosaj Thing

“The Devil I Know” by Suki Waterhouse

“Damn Girl” by Biako

“I See You” by Pumarose

“Play By Play” by Claude Fontaine

“Best Things In Life” by The Dreamliners

Episode 10

“Three Miles to Tallehayo” by Daniel Ciurlizza

“Lost Cause” by Billie Eilish

“Exile” by Taylor Swift

“La Pussiere” by Laura Cahen

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