Seasonal allergy symptoms coming in sooner due to warmer weather, local doctor says

When you look around, it feels like allergy season is already kicking up.

“The biggest one is itchy watery eyes and nose. Some people with environmental allergies typically have those symptoms,” said AHN’s Dr. Russell Traister.

Pollen on your cars or in the air is normally the sign that allergy season is here in full force. But with the sunny days and mild winter, people are getting symptoms a lot sooner.

Dr. Traister said it’s not likely coming from allergens outside.

“With the warmer weather, the indoor humidity is a little higher, so people that are allergic to indoor things like dust or indoor mold are having increased symptoms,” Traister said.

Plus, Traister said drastic weather changes from hot to cold like we’ve seen the last few weeks can just impact people’s nervous system.

“It can sort of trick them into thinking their allergies are acting up when really it’s just the nerves in their nose are overacting and telling their nose to run just because of the temperature changes,” Traister said.

If you are experiencing an uptick in symptoms from inside allergens, the doctor recommends putting allergen covers on your bed and pillows.

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