Secret iPhone 6 feature uncovered?

With iPhone 6 and iWatch, Apple wants to convince you to spend even more money

Apple’s iPhone 6 smartphone is not exactly the best-kept secret in the tech world, with more and more leaks revealing new details about the upcoming handset. A new report from Chinese publication Laoyaoba has learned about a new secret iPhone 6 feature, which may be an important one for certain users and app developers. Apparently, the new iPhone 6 will incorporate a more advanced vibration motor that could offer better tactile feedback to users, depending on the app they’re using or the area they tap on the screen.

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The new tactile motor will reportedly cost two to three times more than the one found in the iPhone 5s — that one apparently costs $0.60 — which could be interpreted as a second indication that Apple is looking at a more complex way to offer tactile feedback to iPhone buyers.

While the report can’t be confirmed at this time, there’s more indirect proof that Apple has been looking into creating better haptic feedback mechanisms for touchscreen devices.

A patent application filed on September 21, 2010, published on March 22, 2012, and called “Touch-based user interface with haptic feedback” details means of providing tactile feedback to electronic devices that incorporate a touch-based interface including the iPhone.

A patent awarded on February 19, 2013 (filed on July 17, 2009) and called “Method and apparatus for localization of haptic feedback” describes a technology that would allow Apple to provide localized tactile feedback to iPhone users.

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