How To Secure Your COVID Vaccine

Kate Raddatz shares how you can be best prepare to have a shot (2:11). WCCO 4 News At 6 - March 29, 2021

Video Transcript

- Tomorrow the state says all Minnesotans age 16 and older will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

- But getting one could be a different story. The Minnesota Department of Health says it's up to each provider when they will update eligibility requirements. Health officials recommend signing up for the state's vaccine connector to get information on vaccine appointments. But there are also other ways to get a vaccine. This evening, Kate Raddatz shares how you can be best prepared to have a shot.

KIRSTEN MONTGOMERY: I've been, like, stalking all the pharmacy sites.

KATE RADDATZ: Kirsten was glued to her computer Monday to see if any pharmacies would update vaccine eligibility. She was able to grab an appointment for Friday for her daughter at a GuidePoint pharmacy.

KIRSTEN MONTGOMERY: I really believe I got really lucky because within 10 minutes, all appointments were booked for Friday and Saturday.

KATE RADDATZ: As of Tuesday afternoon, it was a mix of whether or not pharmacies and health care providers were planning to expand eligibility after the 30th, similar with the last expansion.

WINNIE WILLIAMS: We expect that we'll see some of them do it right away. But we also might see some of them phase it in.

KATE RADDATZ: The group Minneapolis Vaccine Hunters recommends having a photo of the front and back of your health insurance card saved on your computer so you can easily confirm appointments. You will also want to check ahead of time if a pharmacy requires you to have an account online. And you can try this time zone trick.

WINNIE WILLIAMS: For Walmart, they typically open up their appointments at midnight. We're able to see the appointments by advancing-- we're able to see them at 11 o'clock Central Standard Time by advancing our time zone to the Eastern time zone.

KATE RADDATZ: When you see open appointments, try choosing an off time or the later date.

WINNIE WILLIAMS: Because it is the case that if you're slow about doing it at some of the other sites, by the time you finish, the appointment might have been booked.

KATE RADDATZ: Finally, make sure you have an updated account with your health care provider. Check if you can sign up online when you're eligible. Or they may reach out to you. Kate Raddatz, WCCO 4 News.

- Vaccine Hunters also recommends checking with your local county to see if they're running any vaccination clinics. Health officials have still asked providers to prioritize people who are at higher risk. We have even more tips attached to this story at