Security cam captures dramatic hit and run

Imagine this. Early morning on October 6th you are slowly awakening after a good night sleep. 6:30 am and you hear a crash, but still wiping the sleep from your eyes and still not quite awake, you brush it off as someone dropped a plate downstairs. Once up and about, ready for work, you make your way downstairs and catch a glimpse of your daughters car parked mysteriously out of character. Appearing further back on the street, you then notice it is on the grass as well. "Hmmm you think, what was she doing last night when she got home". Shoes on, dog leashed up, you head outside for your morning walk. This was all the experienced the father of the car owner had one early morning. Once outside, he noticed it wasn't his daughter strange parking job, but her har had been crashed into sometime through the night. Later that morning, The daughter and her husband scoured the neighbourhood looking for clues and evidence to the culprit. talking with neighbours, no one seems to know anything. As fathers do, her dad jumped into action. Emails were sent to neighbours, bringing great results. One neighbours daughter had seen a blue suv with damage, turning around and heading back down the street, a great clue. Another neighbour mentioned he had cameras and would check the memory cards, more great evidence came about. After calls to the local police, an officer arrived and also walked the neighbourhood. Later in the day as the car owner sat outside waiting for some clues to arise, a young man approached her and mentioned" are you the owner of this car? I am so sorry but my mother hit your car this morning." A hit and run is a criminal offence in Canada which can carry heavy penalties. With some relief that now the person had. come forward and admitted to the collision, the police were then again notified. This was a horrible day for the car owner as this car has many memories with her mother whom had recently passed, making this much more stressful and painful for her. The best part is that the driver had been found and admitted to the incident, saving the owner the insurance deductible for repairs. The police officer mentioned he did have two citations drafted for the driver of the hit and run vehicle, one for hit and run and leaving the scene, the other for not clearing the windows of the drivers windows which was admitted by the driver. Lessons learned we hope. So remember, always take time before driving that your view and vision out of your vehicle is 100 percent clear. Thankfully no one was injured. This could have been much worse with horrific results had someone been in the parked car or crossing the street.