Security camera captures out-of-control mom screaming on riding lawn mower

A mom's wild lawn-mower ride was captured by the family's Ring camera — and now, the hilarious security footage is going viral. Daughter and TikToker Kirstin (@kirstinm336) gained over 9.8 million views and 5,400 comments when she posted the side-splitting video to her account. Everything seemed peaceful at first in the footage — but suddenly, Kirstin's mom stormed into the frame, holding onto her mower for dear life. Her mom shrieked as the mower spun her around helplessly, cutting a perfect circle in the family's grass. Suddenly, Kirstin's dad appeared and frantically shouted, "Pull back, pull back!" to his startled wife. Ring doorbell dutifully captured every hilarious moment — including mom's remark after dismounting her wild lawn mower. "Well, that was terrifying!". Thousands of TikTokers commented on the hilarious video, sharing their reaction to mom's lawn-mower antics. "It’s like watching an episode of ‘I Love Lucy’ in color," one person said

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