Security camera captures out of control SUV causing damage

Home security video captured an out-of-control driver plowing through a Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood, leaving behind a path of destruction.

Video Transcript

- The midnight jolt that a local family definitely was not expecting. From out of nowhere, an SUV literally rocking their world. They still can't believe what their cameras captured, and they are even more amazed that there were no injuries.

This Ring video captured a scene that would upset any homeowner.

MIMI FAGAN: Movie stuff. Movie stuff.

- An SUV, out of control, causing tons of damage in the Winchester Park neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia. Mimi and Nate Fagan were the unlucky homeowners and their cameras captured the chaos.

MIMI FAGAN: My husband ran out the door, out back. He was already coming through the side. My son and I got to the front window and saw him coming off the wall into our Jeep. So now The Fast and The Furious.

- The family says the incident happened around midnight along Narbonne Street. What appears to be a white SUV is unstoppable.

NATE FAGAN: It looks like a Dodge Journey, which I never thought was a good car. After now I saw it go over my wall and you know that might be something to get for the next vehicle.

- The driver crashes through several yards, damaging fences, bushes, awnings, and slams into the family's Jeep.

NATE FAGAN: It just started slamming into my Jeep and the wall, like it's ping pong or something. It was just insane. It was unreal.

MIMI FAGAN: I don't know how he stayed straight enough to not hit anything else. I mean, we're very fortunate.


MIMI FAGAN: I'm feeling very blessed right now.

- At this point you're thinking, OK, he's just going to either take off out of the car, or he's going to be stuck there. No, he just-- he just floors it. He just keeps running into the Jeep, and then he takes the left turn and takes off.

- Despite the dangerous, jaw-dropping scene, no injuries were reported.

- I mean, I took two videos of it. We got a camera there, we got a camera there, and a camera in the backyard. And we still don't have his license plate.

- Neighbors tried to track down that driver but had no luck. And by the time officers arrived, that out-of-control SUV was gone.

- All I can say to everyone watching this is don't drink and drive, kids. Don't drink and drive.

- We should let you know that we did reach out to the Philadelphia Police Department and so far we have not heard back about their investigation. But Brian, a very wild and dangerous situation in the northeast.

- No doubt. That family at least has a good sense of humor about what happened in their yard. Thank you.