Security Guard Rescues Man Who Jumped From Second Story Of Burning Building

Firefighters say one person was rushed to the hospital after a large fire tore through an apartment complex in Del Paso Heights early Friday morning.

Video Transcript

- Now to a harrowing story of survival in Sacramento. A man jumps from his second story apartment to escape a fire. And that man is now in critical condition, but it may have been even worse had a security guard not rushed in to help.

- What a story. CBS 13 Laura Haefeli is live at the complex tonight with the man who jumped into action, Laura.

LAURA HAEFELI: Yeah. A helper and a miracle. Two reasons why that Sacramento man is still alive after a Sergeant and a private security company in Sacramento spotted a fire, and no first responders in sight. From two stories up, one man took a leap of faith.

- I looked up to the second floor where a man jumped through the window.

LAURA HAEFELI: Desperate to escape the flames, Sergeant Garrett Dinkins with watchman's specialty protection was waiting at the bottom.

- He went headfirst into the car at the bottom and fell to the ground.

LAURA HAEFELI: Make shift in with no help in sight, Dinkins jumped into action.

GARRET DINKINS: When he came out of the window, he was smoldering. I'd say his clothes were melting to his skin. He was severely burned.

LAURA HAEFELI: Quickly patting him down and pulling the man away from the fire.

GARRET DINKINS: It's a really big rush. I'm not going to lie. It does feel good sometimes, you know, that's why we do. I think most of us do this job as we enjoy that rush.

LAURA HAEFELI: Garret Dinkins, a decade into the job says helping people doesn't get old.

GARRET DINKINS: I enjoy specifically helping people. Whether that puts me in danger. That's just part of it.

LAURA HAEFELI: The fire broke out on Anderson court in El Paso Heights Friday morning.

GARRET DINKINS: It was crazy. It was like just mad fire everywhere.

LAURA HAEFELI: The man who was not identified survived, Sergeant Dinkins says if he gets the chance to see him again he tell him one thing.

GARRET DINKINS: No matter what, he's alive and I'm always going to be there for him if he ever wanted anything or wanted to talk to me or see me.

LAURA HAEFELI: Now last we heard the man who jumped from the building is in critical condition at a local hospital. The Red Cross is helping other families who've been displaced.