Security guard shot, killed in Gary bank robbery

One suspect is in custody after a security guard was killed during a bank robbery in Gary Friday afternoon, police said.

Video Transcript

- Good evening. The FBI telling us they do have one person in custody arrested just a short time ago right here near the bank that was robbed around 1:15. As you mentioned, a security guard is dead. And this is still unfolding here in Northwest Indiana.

Take a look at this. This is some Chopper video from just a short time ago. You can see that very heavy police presence here in the area. We have FBI officials out here as well as state and local authorities. The FBI telling us the suspects robbed first mid West Bank at 1975 Ridge Road just after 1 o'clock today.

And as the men walked into the bank, they shot and killed a security guard right before that robbery. You can take a look at these surveillance images, which show the men armed with guns in those pictures. Police say that guard who was standing outside of the bank was ambushed.

- It's just surreal when you see something like that to just don't believe it. It's like unreal.

- And authorities are still combing the area for evidence and also going into surrounding areas specifically near some of the wooded portions here in Gary, Indiana looking for that second suspect. If anyone has any information, you're asked to call the FBI or Gary police.