Security heightened at North Forest High School following shooting that injured innocent student

HISD officials hope things return to normal at North Forest High School as seniors prepare to graduate and classes dismiss for the summer.

Video Transcript

- HISD says families will see extra security outside North Forrest high school in Northeast Houston. That's because a senior was shot in the hand yesterday after finishing graduation rehearsal. ABC 13 Courtney Fischer is live outside the school on this near Little York. And Courtney, you were the first to talk to that student who actually got shot.

- Yeah. I just want everyone to stop and take a second to think about this. This student was shot on campus after graduation practice. You know, Joshua Keegan says that he has worked hard for 12 years. He's excited to go on to study nursing and college. And yesterday when things should have been totally normal, place where he should have felt very safe, that almost all ended. And almost wasn't to be.

Take a look this is Joshua's bandaged hand as he talked with us about what happened the bullet hit him in the finger. Joshua said that he heard the shots and saw blood and looked up to see two groups of people in different vehicles shooting at each other while driving down massive drive right in front of the high school.

Police found the truck involved in arresting some of the people. Joshua says he's really just still processing everything.

- That can happen anywhere no matter if you're at school. No matter if you're at home. Anywhere, it can happen. It's just a matter of why happen and how it happened then. What can we do to stop it? That's all.

- Tomorrow is the last day of school for HISD students. But here at the high school, there's going to be a lot more police officers present on campus today and tomorrow as well. As for Joshua, he says he will still be at graduation on Saturday. He wouldn't miss it.