Security Service of Ukraine debunks fake news about the Russian "hero-rescuer" Krasnov: he just pulled out the corpses and thats all

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VALENTYNA ROMANENKO – Monday, 27 June 2022, 11:54

The Security Service of Ukraine has debunked some Russian fake news about Sergeant Krasnov, whom the propagandists tried to "heroise".

Source: Spokesman of the Security Service of Ukraine Artem Dehtyarenko

Details: According to Russian propaganda, this soldier allegedly killed more than 20 Ukrainian soldiers and rescued his comrades from the hit combat infantry vehicle.

However, it turned out that he did not kill or save anyone. He managed to survive the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, unlike the rest of the crew – that’s his only "heroism".

The Security Service of Ukraine found this out from an intercepted conversation between the sergeant and his relatives.

"But there was no such thing at all! No such thing! When the vehicle was hit, I pulled out the corpses and that’s all," the occupier admitted to his wife.

Quote from Dehtyarenko: "Apparently, surviving a battle with Ukrainian defenders is a huge achievement for the Russian army, so his story was passed to Kremlin propagandists. Only the hero was not warned about his "heroism".

But while the Russians make up albeit fake military achievements, our real heroes bag up a "Cargo 200" [Russian military code name for transportation military fatalities – ed.] of them every day.

Let’s advance our victory together. Glory to Ukraine!"