Security Service of Ukraine: Russians ready to kill their generals that force soldiers to fight


The Security Service of Ukraine has evidence that Russian contract soldiers refuse to participate in the offensive because they are suffering significant losses.

Source: Conversation intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine

Details: According to the intelligence service, Russian contract soldiers in the Donetsk region have come close to shooting their general (district commander) Valeriy Solodchuk and his bodyguards, who arrived to quell the riot and force the "rejecters" to continue fighting.

The soldiers refused to obey the order and were ready to blow up the "high ranking guests." Therefore, the Russian general shamefully fled from the front line.

A member of the Russian military complains in a conversation with his wife that only a third of their brigade (over 600 people) remains, the rest have been killed or wounded.

Quote: "We have almost the entire battery refusing to fight. He [the general - ed.] began to wave the barrel, shoot: ‘I, he says, will kill you if you, do not f*ing go there! ... ‘ That was that. Here's a kid: ‘Go on, he says, kill us!’ F*ck, he got a grenade, pulled a pin out and says: ‘Come on, shoot me! He says, let's explode here together, he says.’

That’s that. Then the special forces also started poking at us with barrels, we poked the barrels back at them. In short, we all nearly f*ing shot each other. He got into his car, left… After these f*ing words, I don't want to stay here at all!"

Previously: The Security Service of Ukraine has released a hotline number - 2402 - for Russian occupiers seeking a way out of the war.

We remind you that the 90-day timeline set by the Putin regime for the so-called "special operation" runs out at the end of May. Russian contract soldiers who came to fight in Ukraine in February have grounds to "legally" leave the service. According to the Security Service of Ukraine, Russian contract soldiers are dreaming of leaving Ukraine.